19 July 2017


how to declutter your bag

I am guilty of carrying way too many products in my makeup bag than I actually need, who actually needs around 7 lipsticks with them at all times? It's ridiculous and kinda heavy, I certainly don't want to be carrying that around especially during the summer where I just can't be bothered with a big handbag. Recently I decluttered my makeup bag and surprisingly it was kinda hard letting some of the products go. I have been really strict and managed to significantly reduce the size of my makeup bag.

Top tips for decluttering your makeup bag:

1. Swap your makeup bag for a smaller one. If you have a smaller bag, you have less space for a makeup. I have swapped my larger makeup bag for a smaller one and I am carrying a lot less and that's because I can't fit them all in.

2. Separate the content of your makeup bag into two groups, products you have actually used in the last couple of days and those you haven't used. There are always certain products that seem to find permanent residence in our makeup bags that we actually never seem to use. I don't know why this happens but it happens quite a lot (maybe it's just me, tell me it's not). By separating the content of your bag into two groups, you know what to keep because you actually use those products and what to get rid of because you are just not using them. If you do this, I am sure the content of your makeup bag will significantly reduce in size.

3. Lipstick, this is where the major problem comes in for me at least. I seem to have a whole load of lip products, that I rarely use but I feel the need to carry around with me because you never know when a situation could arise and you need a different lipstick. My solution for this lipstick problem is to carry 3 different lip products, so a lip balm (essential), nude/everyday lip lipstick and a bold lipstick (you never when you might need a bold lip). I know this is still quite a few lip products but I am crazy like that and I could easily carry more - so three is a good compromise, so come to a compromise you can make.

4. Thinking about what you actually need. I know some people who just carry around with them everything that they have used that day, which is ok if you want to do that but it's kinda unnecessary. It's really important to think about the products you actually need throughout the day, and are really going to use that certain product throughout the day. Do you really need an eyeshadow palette?  I am not a touch up your makeup kinda girl but sometimes there have been situations, where I have had to and it's good to carry the essentials if this happens. For me, the essential has to be a powder with coverage, and lipstick and maybe a eyeshadow stick.

I know not everyone wants to reduce the size of their makeup bag but if like me you are wanting to carry around a smaller bag during the summer or if you are going away on holiday then hopeful this has been useful. Let me know what your makeup bag essential essentials are.

Zeynab x

17 July 2017


affordable sainsbury beauty review beauty blogger london

So I am putting this out there, I have a serious very serious case of dry skin. The annoying part is that it's just above my feet. And yes, I constantly apply, reapplying moisturisers and oils. And if you know me, you know I am very generous with my moisturiser. Nevertheless, the dryness never seems to go away, that area of my leg is constantly dry and quite flaky (not a picture pretty but I am gonna keep it 100 with you guys).

That was until I decided to make use of the Mandara Spa's Oriental Retreat Beauty Oil. This bad boy is a complete life changer. It was one of those situations, where you have a product just sitting in your drawers and in an emergency situation you pull out and then it completely blows your mind. As you may have guessed, I take dry skin very seriously. This multi functional oil, - made up of sweet almond, cedarwood, macadamia nut oil, and rosehip oil - can be used as a moisturiser, a bath oil and even on your hair and its available in your local supermarket so you can pick up during your weekly shop (that sounded like an ad, I promise this is not ad although maybe Mandara Spa should think about paying cos I have been banging about this oil non-stop).

I have been smothering (only because I am extra like that, but you only need the smallest amount) my legs with the Mandala Spa oil every day, which I have to add is completely lightweight almost feels like a dry oil. It doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and sinks in really quickly. I kid you not, my legs haven't looked better. Nothing has worked for the dryness on my legs, drugstore, high-end nothing but with this my legs look smoother, feel moisturised and I don't have that tight feeling anymore (that was uncomfortable). I definitely have legs can parade around, lol! How can I forget, most importantly this oil smells incredible. It has cedarwood and sweet mandarin, which completely each perfectly to create an exotic spa like aroma so calming.

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Have you tried this oil?

Zeynab x